3 Powerful Hacks to Rock Your Relationship in 2018

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If you’re anything like most people, you’ve probably spent the past couple of weeks swept up in the New Year hype. Reflecting on the year that was. Dreaming big for the year ahead. ALL the aspirational planning, resolutions and lofty goal setting.

Ahhhh, there’s nothing quite like a good dose of new-year-inspiration to kick us into gear and get us focused on creating a fulfilling life.


But let’s ask an important question here:

How much planning and intention setting did you do for your relationship?

Now, we get that probably sounds a bit unsexy. Maybe even downright blasphemous.

Using systems and structures and processes for love and intimacy!? Are we crazy!?


Well, most probably, yes.

But here’s the facts:

Study after study proves the importance of our intimate relationships on our health and wellbeing.

And even more studies show that great relationships don’t happen by accident. They take a little effort.

Not ‘bad’ effort – as in “Urgh, this is freakin’ hard!”

It’s more like making conscious choices. Having important conversations. Doing the inner work.

Simply put: you must consciously prioritise the health of your relationship.

Yes, MUST.

Because if don’t tend to it, nurture it, and feed it all the ingredients it needs to thrive – it will wither and die.

And hey, we get it – life happens. You can’t keep all the balls in the air ALL of the time. When you’re busy, when you’re caught up in the endless distractions of life, your relationship takes a back seat.

But if it’s starting to feel a little stagnant…

If you’re not connecting like you used to…

If little disagreements have become simmering resentments…

And if sex has become a point of contention…

Then the new year is the perfect time to breathe some fresh energy into your relationship and turn it around.

Not sure where to start?

We got you covered!

We’ve helped countless couples get their relationship back on track and rock the passion and attraction again.

And what we’ve noticed is that it’s the smallest of tweaks and mindset shifts that have the greatest impact.

Here at Practical Intimacy we’re all about helping you create freaking awesome relationships using the simplest and easiest of tools.

So if you want to make sure this is your best relationship year ever, check out these 3 powerful relationship hacks.

Let us know in the comments below how you’ll rock your relationship in 2018. And don’t forget to grab our totally awesome 5 day relationship challenge to get you started.

It’s the easiest way to kick start the year on a relationship high. Check it out here:


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