5 Authentic Ways to Re-Ignite
the Passion

re-ignite the passion ebook
Are committed to having a passionate relationship that lasts
Often wonder where the intimacy & connection went
Need some help to re-ignite the passion and get the spark back

Sometimes life gets in the way…

Careers, grocery shopping, the never-ending to-do list.

You and you partner might be the best of friends, but ‘passionate lovers’?

Not so much.

But it wasn’t always this way, right?

When you first got together, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other! Passion just seemed to happen so naturally.

Now you can’t help but wonder…. is there something wrong with us? Is our relationship broken?

Where did all the excitement go?

We get it. We’ve been through it too.

That’s why we created this ebook.

These 5 simple yet powerful exercises will help you re-ignite the passion and desire between you.

No complicated 5 hour Tantric rituals. Just practical, easy-to-use tools you can implement right now.

All to help you create more genuine and authentic intimacy in your relationship.

What you’re going to learn…

The most important mindset shift for healthy long-term intimacy
What you must prioritise to remain attractive to one another
How to show affection in ways that builds real connection

The one thing to stop doing that will help you create desire & anticipation

Which small actions to prioritise to get big results
How to feel more appreciative by discovering the best in each other
New and novel ways to make you both feel loved up

Love From Our Clients


Jodie and Reece are such warm, open, and funny people that you instantly feel at ease talking about things that can be tricky to discuss. Their love for one another is evident, making their teachings that much more rich – they are practising what they preach. The name says it all – we now have practical methods to maintain and enrich our relationship. Highly recommend to anyone who is in a good spot or a rough patch in their relationship!

Tania Marie



I’d lost connection with myself, my partner, and my life. I felt fearful of vulnerability, and scared to be intimate and show affection.

My outlook on life has now changed dramatically. I’ve got my priorities in order – living life for me and loving my partner. And we’ve taken leaps and bounds in the bedroom.

Karl Kemister-Sheppard



I was struggling to feel connected with my husband of 28 years. Now, my marriage feels brand new and I understand my husband in a whole new way.

I’m excited by my life again, and I feel like a new woman. I highly recommend Practical Intimacy to anyone wanting to reconnect to themselves and their partner.

Sue Deakin



I had a lot of shame around sex and fears about relationships that I didn’t know how to resolve.

I’ve now found the courage to take action in my relationship that was previously too frightening for me to contemplate. My future is now so much clearer and less scary to me.

Sam Kearns


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About Us…

Hi, we’re Reece & Jodie. We support couples in committed relationships to re-ignite the passion and create deeply fulfilling intimacy – even when it feels like the fire’s been lost.

Over our seven years together we’ve seen it all – from ecstatic honeymoon heights to the challenges of everyday-relationship life. It hasn’t always been easy, but we can both say that this relationship is the most incredible thing we’ve ever created.

We believe that life-long connection IS possible – you just have to know what to do (‘cause sadly, we’re never taught this stuff in school.) Which is why we share simple, effective strategies to help get you out of the relationship ‘friend-zone’ and back into passionate lover-land.

Practical Intimacy

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