Stop Trying to Prove Your Masculinity & Self-Worth with Tantra

prove your masculinity

Tantra. Polarity. Conscious Sexuality. So hot right now. And if you’re in any way associated with the current ‘personal development’ explosion, then your Newsfeed is no doubt littered with posts about Tantra.

For sure there’s a lot of empowering stuff to learn from these teachings. While not specifically a part of my life anymore, Tantric practices and philosophies have helped me to:

Shift a lot of shame I had around my sexuality.

Uncover, explore and integrate different aspects of myself.

Experience a whole lot more pleasure in my body.


There’s also a destructive byproduct that needs talking about. It’s something I’ve experienced personally, and it’s something I see with a lot of the men who work with me:

“I want to be ‘more in my masculine’.”

“I want to last for hours.”

“I want to separate orgasm from ejaculation.”

etc. etc.

In and of themselves, neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ things to want. Both men and women have a LOT of untapped capacity for pleasure. Sex is a whole lot more meaningful and fulfilling than what we’re usually taught. So yeah, there’s a lot to gain from diving in and exploring your sexual potential.


A Hidden Agenda

But in my experience, the motivations and intentions are rarely so clean and healthy. It’s hardly ever a simple, curious desire to explore sexuality and pleasure. That’s a part of it, sure. But there’s almost always this destructive ulterior motive. An underlying, hidden agenda:

I NEED this.

I NEED to be ‘more in my masculine’.

I NEED to ‘last longer’.

I need to achieve this. I need to prove this.


“… because I don’t feel good enough.”

“… because I don’t feel confident enough.”

“… because I don’t feel ‘masculine’ enough.”

It’s so obvious once recognised. Yet it clearly needs saying:

If you feel empty and unworthy on the inside, Tantra (or anything else) will never be able to fulfil you. You’re never going to ‘last long enough’ or ‘be in your masculine’ enough to finally feel good about yourself. It just doesn’t work that way.


Because lasting longer or being more masculine is part of a bigger problem.


What’s REALLY Going On

These things become another ‘should’ on you and your sexuality. Another source of pressure, another expectation to live up to, another goal to achieve.

They’re the latest expressions of a concept that has screwed men forever:

Performative Masculinity.

It’s the idea that ‘to be masculine’ equals to DO or BE certain things (and not other ‘unmasculine’ things.) It’s the idea that you are not inherently a man UNLESS you display certain attitudes or behaviours. (And don’t display others.)

But when you set rules or expectations on ‘who’ or ‘what’ you’re supposed to be, you perpetuate the cycle of suffering. And Tantra – at least how it’s currently (mis)interpreted, is absolutely contributing to the suffering.

Because what happens when you DON’T last for hours?

Or what happens when you DON’T feel ‘masculine’?

For a lot of men, the sad truth is this:

They judge, reject, guilt and shame themselves.

I did. For years. If I didn’t last as long as I wanted to, if I didn’t live up to what I had been programmed to see as a powerful, confident, ‘conscious’ man, I’d feel deeply ashamed. I’d get so hard on myself that I would shutdown and plummet into a massive shame spiral. My self-talk and the way I treated myself was unbelievably negative and critical.

And I see the same thing with so many men now: the brutal self-judgement. The damning internal scorn. The unbearable suffering.

Because it’s pretty clear, right? If you can’t do those things… If you can’t last for hours or have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms,… If you can’t ‘fuck your woman open to god’… If the power of your masculine presence doesn’t make her melt with desire…

Then you’re not good enough.

There’s something wrong with you.

Yeah, not so much.

Prove Your Masculinity

The ‘Conscious Masculine’ – the new standard for men to measure up to.

So How DO You Prove Your Masculinity?

The real ‘solution’ is counter-intuitive. And it’s contrary to what most men’s coaches would have you believe.

The ‘solution’ is NOT getting ‘better’ at these things.

The ‘solution’ is NOT attempting to live up to the ridiculous standards of ‘The Conscious Masculine’ (or whatever the latest buzzwords are).


The ‘solution’ is much simpler, infinitely more challenging, yet far more effective:

It’s learning to love and accept yourself NO MATTER HOW YOU ‘PERFORM’.

It’s learning to NURTURE and SUPPORT yourself no matter what you ‘achieve’.

It’s daring to question the dogma. It’s doing the challenging inner work to recognise the crippling expectations you place upon yourself. (And more importantly – ‘what you make it mean’ when you fail to live up to them).

It’s learning how to reprogram your mind and body, and treat yourself with compassion and empathy. It’s realising that you don’t have to prove your masculinity, and practicing the conviction that SELF WORTH IS INHERENT:

That you don’t need to DO anything or ACHIEVE anything to BE worthy.

You don’t find self worth by attaching it to something outside of yourself, then chasing it.

Far more empowering is to see through the Matrix and quit the chase altogether.


Worthiness is an Inside Job

You’re already worthy and masculine and awesome – even if you can’t ‘control’ your ejaculation. Even if you don’t have unwavering masculine presence. Even if you’re not ‘on purpose’ every single second of the day. Even if you don’t feel particularly ‘masculine’ at all (because WTF does that even mean anyway?)

Sure, go learn how to circulate your sexual energy or create more polarity if those things interest you. Learn how to bring more pleasure and fulfilment into your sex life, for sure.

But do it from a place of self-acceptance. A kind of non-attachment to the outcome. With a genuine curiosity that has ZERO bearing on your self-worth.

‘Cause the great irony is this:

Once you take self-worth out of it, you either realise you don’t actually care about achieving the thing, or it becomes a whole lot easier to get. (Which applies to just about anything in life.)

Don’t let Tantric practices be another test you pass or fail at. Don’t let it be the latest, shiniest – but ultimately destructive – version of “I’ll be happy/healthy/loveable/enough, when….”

Don’t let it be something you chase to prove your worth or your masculinity. To yourself, or to others.


Author’s Note:

It should go without saying, but for the record – what I’ve described here is not Tantra. Tantra is not inherently about sex or sexual performance. Neither does it implicitly seek to shame men or their sexuality.

And yet, this is the fallout from how Tantra is currently being (mis)interpreted and (mis)understood. This post is intended to bring awareness to, and start a conversation about these misconceptions. And to encourage a lot more accountability for how the message is being transmitted and received.


Hey, I’m Reece – for the past 5 years I’ve been helping men build healthy relationships, have deeply connected sex, and create lives that fucking rock.

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